Maintenance and Repair

Maintenance and Repair Service

Upon signing of the contract, GESTION IMMOBILIÈRE BAGDAD INC notifies the owner about the general condition of his property. If appropriate, interventions or suggestions of improvements are expressed in order to maintain the property in good condition or simply to add an attractive distinctive for potential buyers or tenants.

With this service, GESTION IMMOBILIÈRE BAGDAD INC ensures the supervision of preventive and reactive maintenance to your property. GESTION IMMOBILIÈRE BAGDAD INC performs with the permission of the owner. All repairs are considered necessary to promote the rental or sale of the property. When major work is required, specifications and bid solicitation will be produced in order to minimize costs.

A replacement plan for major or essential components of the property can also be provided to the owners. This will assist to better manage income based on future expenditure (provident fund).

We provide our clients with qualified personnel to perform, as soon as possible, work maintenance and repairs needed at the best prices. With a large directory of partners and its strong purchasing power, GESTION IMMOBILIÈRE BAGDAD INC has the opportunity to negotiate a favoured rate for their customers in terms of both materials / equipment and for the labour.

In addition to this, GESTION IMMOBILIÈRE BAGDAD INC can also help you manage insurance policies that apply to your property and monitor insurance claims, compensation to beneficiaries. For more information see the service “Negotiation of service contracts”